K. Markou (Constantina) MSc

PhD candidate / Junior lecturer - Economic Theory and Policy

K. Markou (Constantina) MSc
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Constantina Markou joined the Department of Economics in 2022 as a Ph.D. Candidate and Junior Lecturer. She graduated Cum Laude with an M.Sc. in Economics from Radboud University, where she specialized in economic behavior and policymaking.

Her master's thesis examined the use of well-being statistics in policymaking. Economists focus on income as a sign of societal well-being, measured through GDP. But how can we move beyond that and measure things that affect our broad well-being, such as environmental protection or income inequality? And crucially, how can politicians and policymakers incorporate such statistics into government policy? Constantina's thesis was awarded the Master's Thesis Prize by the Dutch Court of Audit and the GLOCAL Thesis Prize by the Institute for Management Research.

She obtained her B.Sc. in Economics (Radboud University) and her LL.B. in Law (University of Cyprus), specializing in international and EU law. She has worked as a trainee lawyer, a legal researcher on EU case law, and due diligence analyst (operational risk) for Dutch pension funds.

Constantina's research focuses on the role our future plays in behavior and decision-making. If we feel connected to our future, does that make us more prosocial or altruistic today? Her research on time preferences combines insights from economics, psychology, and neuroscience. Next to research, Constantina teaches various content-driven and method-driven courses. As a teacher and mentor, she guides bachelor students through some of the building blocks of economic theory and methods.

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