Prof. J.M. Mastop (Hans)

Prof. J.M. Mastop (Hans)
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Heyendaalseweg 141

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Postbus 9108

Professor Hans Mastop is an expert on modern strategic planning for the spatial development of cities, regions and countries. He pays particular attention to the planning and implementation methods used and their relation to administrative responsibility, legal instruments and other instruments which may be used in the implementation.
Though Professor Mastop's expertise has in the past mainly concerned the Dutch system, he increasingly places this in a European context. He is also interested in European spatial policy developments.

Hans Mastop is active at a management level in international planning organizations. He has represented Dutch spatial planners in the ECTP (European Council of Town Planners) and has held the post of president of AESOP (the Association of European Schools of Planning) and Secretary General of GPEAN (the Global Planning Educators Associations Network).

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