A. Milli Rodrigues (Adriani)

External PhD candidate - Metaphysics and philosophical anthropology

Trust in dialectical thinking and its implications for philosophical reflections on Pauline pistis: a dialogue between Ricoeur’s attestation and Agamben’s messianism.

The concept of attestation is quite significant in studies related to the contemporary philosophical interest in Paul, particularly considering the Pauline notion of pistis. In continental philosophy, Paul Ricoeur is a key thinker on the concept of attestation. Likewise, Giorgio Agamben provides one of the most influential philosophical reflections on the Pauline notion of pistis. In these two projects, hopeful new possibilities and contingent reality are affirmed from a dialectical standpoint. In this context, the overall purpose of this research is to compare how the concept of trust is dialectically articulated in Ricoeur’s hermeneutics of attestation and in Agamben’s messianic perspective of pistis. The research is especially interested in the implications of this comparison for philosophical reflections on Pauline pistis.

Supervisors: prof. Gert-Jan van der Heiden and dr. Herman Westerink

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