J. van Mourik (Jim) LLM

Teacher - Private Law

J. van Mourik (Jim) LLM
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Montessorilaan 10

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Jim van Mourik is a PhD candidate whose research focuses on mediation in bankruptcy proceedings. The myriad of interests involved in such proceedings often leads to conflicts, impeding the efficient liquidation of the bankruptcy estate. Jim aims to determine whether mediation can effectively address these conflicts. He examines the potential and limitations of mediation during bankruptcy through literature research and interviews with trustees, mediators, and judges.

Jim is intrigued by the mechanisms through which individuals and companies assert and safeguard their rights. His interests extend to innovations in civil court procedures, alternative dispute resolution, and the role of the civil court.

Before his doctoral research, Jim graduated with honors from the Legal Research Master program at Utrecht University. He has contributed to various studies on ADR and government adjudication, with his thesis on the mediating role of the judge earning him the G.J. Wiarda Prize. Additionally, Jim has garnered experience as an external clerk and arbitral secretary.

Research theme
  • Mediation and insolvency
Research group
  • Radboud Business Law Institute


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