Prof. D.A.T. Müller (Daniela)

Professor - Textual, Historical and Systematic studies of Judaism and Christianity

Prof. D.A.T. Müller (Daniela)
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No theology without heresy

I am trained in literary studies (Germanic), theology and history, and am also specialized in the history of canon law.
As a church historian I am particularly interested in those individuals and groups, who came into harsh conflict with ecclesiastical authorities, because of their dissent regarding doctrine and lifestyle. Important topics of my studies are the Cathars and the inquisition.
Dissent in doctrine and lifestyle has been a household phenomenon since the very start of Christianity. For me as a church historian, orthodoxy is mainly a matter of one’s perspective. Ecclesiastical authorities, however, have condemned dissenting Christians as heretics. In the past, ecclesiastical tribunals were a major instrument in disciplining deviant teachings and behavior. Therefore I consider historical research of Canon Law to be very important. Conflicts regarding doctrine and practice offer us fascinating insights into the historical interaction of ecclesiastical rules and day-to-day reception, and help to develop a ‘historical view’. This is just as important in order to better understand the current debates.
Many of my publications deal with the medieval Cathars. They called themselves ‘bons chrétiens’: ‘good Christians’, that is. Their social dynamics and theological identity will never stop triggering my curiosity. Nowadays my studies focus on the relation between the goals and juridical procedures during the ‘Grande Terreur’ of the French Revolution (1793-1794) on the one side and 13th century ecclesiastical penal law on the other.



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