K.J. Nieukoop (Karel) MSc

PhD candidate - Public Administration

K.J. Nieukoop (Karel) MSc
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Heyendaalseweg 141

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Postbus 9108

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Karel Nieukoop is a PhD candidate and lecturer at the Department of Public Administration at Radboud University. His area of interest is local governance, with a specific focus on government at arm’s length by means of municipally owned corporations.

His PhD focusses on the local governance of the energy transition. He studies the ways in which municipalities realize distributed heat networks by means of (semi-)public heat companies. In this context he is interested in questions such as how these organizations can be held accountable by the municipal council, how to acquire the necessary monetary assets, but also how to involve citizens in the process.

Karel studied both a bachelor’s and a master’s in Public Administration at Radboud University. He obtained both degrees with distinction. During his time as a student he studied, amongst other things, the non-financial reporting by municipally owned corporations in both The Netherlands and Germany.


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