Prof. L.A.M.P. van Niftrik (Laura)

Vice dean of education - Faculty Administration Department
Professor - Microbiology

Prof. L.A.M.P. van Niftrik (Laura)
Visiting address

Heyendaalseweg 135
Internal postal code: 72

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning, Thursday, Friday

My research interest and expertise focus on linking structure to function in non-model microorganisms with environmental, biotechnological or medical relevance. My team and I focus on microbial structures at a range of (sub)cellular levels: from the population, to the cell, the organelle, and protein. I am particularly interested in atypical cell structures and novel metabolisms, enzymes and electron pathways. We have expertise in advanced (cryo-)electron and light microscopy, omics toolboxes, and molecular and biochemical methods. Research of my group contributes to resolving society’s grand challenges in sustainable health, climate change, water management and resource recovery.


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