N.W. Oldemaat (Nick) MSc

Policy officer programme Quality Improvement Supporting Functions - Radboud Services

N.W. Oldemaat (Nick) MSc
Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

The programme Kwaliteitsverbetering Ondersteunende Functies (Quality Improvement Supporting Functions) investigates what goes well and what can be improved in the service of the supporting functions of the university. The programme does this by working closely together with colleagues in the supporting functions. The investigations result in 'verbeteragenda's' (improvement agendas) to better the service of the supporting functions in the coming years.

Within the programme, I am project leader in the investigations (called 'kolomdoorlichtingen'). I also support and advise in the execution of projects that are initiated based on the verbeteragenda's.

Office: TvA 1.1.47


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