Prof. H.A. Ozyurek (Asli)

Professor - Centre for Language Studies

Prof. H.A. Ozyurek (Asli)
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Wundtlaan 1

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Postbus 310

I am a full Professor at the Center For Language Studies (Faculty of Arts) and the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior (Faculty of Social Sciences) at Radboud University.
I am also the Director of the Multimodal Language and Cognition lab- members of which are distributed over Max Planck Institute, Center for Language Studies and Donders Institute for Cognition at Radboud University

My research in general investigates the relations between cognition, language, communication and development.

I am interested in embodied and situated approaches to language and in particular to what extent our knowledge and use of bodily actions interact with language, its processing and learning.

I investigate this question in two domains of human communicative behavior in which body and language are closely related:

A) gestures that speakers use along with speech
B) sign languages (established or emerging)

I have received NWO- VIDI grant (5-year), ASPASIA Award and ERC Starting Grant (5-year) and hosted three Marie-Curie Individual Postdoctoral Fellowships

I am also an elected (2019) member of Academia Europea and with Dr. Judith Holler I coordinate the Nijmegen Gesture Center

Currently I am the PI of a 5-year NWO-VICI Grant (see NWO news item) for a research proposal entitled "Giving cognition a hand: Linking spatial cognition to linguistic expression in native and late learners of sign language and bimodal bilinguals" (until 2021).

Google Scholar H-Index = 31; times cited- 5300+

Curriculum Vitae

Asli Özyürek’s research focuses on visual bodily expressions and their role in communication, cognition and learning. She explores the spontaneous gestures used by hearing speakers and the sign language gestures used by deaf people in different sign languages and spoken languages.