V.I. van Pinxteren (Veerle)

Employee - Education Support

V.I. van Pinxteren (Veerle)
Postal address

Postbus 9104

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Friday

Veerle is working as an educational designer at the Teaching Information Point (TIP) at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

You can contact her for questions about:

- (Re) design of courses and curricula
- Writing clear (assignment) instructions for students
- Use of digital technologies in education
- Challenging work groups
- Improving your course together with students
- "Flipping" your course (use of knowledge clips)
- Rubrics design
- Peer feedback
- Development of group assignments

Are you curious to know what effect the introduction of your meetinghas on your students? Do you want to know whether your learning activities have the desired learning effect? Or do you simply want to know how you come across? You can always contact Veerle for a lesson observation.

Walk & Talk:
Do you not have a specific question (yet) and would you like to exchange ideas about education together? Brainstorm, discuss or receive new ideas or ask questions? Send a message!

Veerle obtained her Bachelor of Education in 2010 at the French Teacher Training Program in Nijmegen. In 2013 she graduated from the University of Twente and now holds a Master's degree in the field of Educational Design and Technology (Master of Science). During and after her studies she worked as a teacher in both secondary and higher education. She has also gained a lot of experience with educational design in combination with technology and teacher professionalization at publishers, Wageningen University & Research, inBrain e-learning and as a entrepreneur.


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