Dr A. Pivaty (Anna)

Assistant professor - Criminal Law and Criminology

Dr A. Pivaty (Anna)
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Anna Pivaty joined Radboud University in August 2020, having previously worked at Maastricht University. She is the author of 'Criminal Defence at Police Stations' (Routledge) and co-author of 'Inside Police Custody' (Intersentia). Anna's interest lies in comparative socio-legal research on the 'invisible' but impactful elements in the criminal process such as police custody or out-of-court disposals. Her research is marked by commitment to interdisciplinarity and methodological innovation.

At RU, Anna is involved in the implementation of the Sector Plan Law: Institutions for Conflict Resolution. Her current research examines the potential of administrative out-of-court disposals in criminal law to contribute to the moderation of penal interventions and conflict resolution. Among potential obstacles, it focuses on the role of 'proceduralisation' (drive towards greater efficiency and standardisation of decision-making), and of decision-makers`beliefs concerning criminal suspects' 'culture'. Anna is also involved in a project aiming to examine the impact of COVID-19 crisis on the judiciary and the position of vulnerable participants of legal proceedings in cooperation with Utrecht University and Leiden University.

Anna strives to innovation in teaching. She has designed and taught skills-oriented courses on legal research methodologies, lawyering skills and criminal defence. She also initiated and led EU-funded project SUPRALAT, resulting in an innovative training program for lawyers enabling them to defend effectively clients' rights at police stations. The training has become standard professional training for lawyers assisting suspects at police stations in Belgium, Ireland and Scotland.

Next to research and teaching, Anna seeks to achieve contribution to policy development and social change. She maintains close contacts with several national, European and international networks of criminal justice professionals, policy-makers and civil society organisations.

Research theme
  • Conflict-Solving Institutions



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