Dr E. Poljac (Edita)

Coordinator - Interdisciplinary Hub for Digitalization and Society
Employee - Research & Impact Strategy

Dr E. Poljac (Edita)
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Throughout my academic career, I have tried to encourage people around me to nourish their natural curiosity and urge for understanding the world around them. In more recent years, my work started increasingly focussing on coordination of larger scientific projects, in which research labs with different scientific backgrounds work together towards a common goal. Here I discovered how challenging yet rewarding it is to be involved in background steering and assistance of the process of turning ideas of many into actual tangible products. Currently, I work as coordinator of Radboud's own interdisciplinary research Hub for digitalisation and society (https://ihub.ru.nl), where scholars from different disciplines work together on defining and scrutinising urgent questions raised by the increased digitalisation and datafication of science and society.