M.G.W. Reichgelt MA (Marleen)

Researcher - Department of History, Art History and Classics
Teacher - Department of History, Art History and Classics
Researcher - Radboud Institute for Culture and History

M.G.W. Reichgelt MA (Marleen)
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Marleen Reichgelt is a PhD candidate at the History Department of the Radboud University Nijmegen. Her research project (2017-2022) is centred around missionary photography, which she uses to study the position, agency, and lives of children engaged in the Catholic mission on Netherlands New Guinea between 1905 and 1940. Her core research interests are intercultural contact and exchange in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century, involving three overlapping fields: photography and visual culture, (Dutch) colonialism and postcolonialism, and the Catholic mission. In addition to her PhD project, she works as an archivist at the Heritage Centre for Dutch Monastery Life and as editor with the Yearbook of Women's History. She has published on missionary photography and colonial childhoods in BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review (2020) and Trajecta (2018).

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