I.M.L. Rigutto (Isabel) MSc

PhD candidate - Microbiology

I.M.L. Rigutto (Isabel) MSc
Visiting address

Heyendaalseweg 135
Internal postal code: 72

Nitrogen (N) is an essential element for all living organisms. Nitrogen is converted to various forms, including several toxic ones, by processes in the so-called nitrogen cycle. Microorganisms play a very important role in this cycle. Due to human activity, oxygen levels in coastal waters are declining, which impacts the nitrogen cycle in coastal ecosystems. Therefore, I am investigating the nitrogen cycle in the sediment of various coastal waters and the microorganisms that are involved. By understanding which microorganisms are involved in the separate steps of the nitrogen cycle in coastal sediments, this project can contribute to the comprehension and even prediction of the effects of human activity on nitrogen cycling in coastal systems.


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