A.J.A. de Rond (Anne)

In-house emergency officer - Faculty of Science
EduSupport - Institute for Biosciences

A.J.A. de Rond (Anne)
Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Our team Practical Education & Educational Support Biosciences supports teaching staff by taking an active role in developing, innovating and organising (practical) education within the Bachelor Biology programme at Radboud University. Because of our cooperation with course and programme coordinators throughout the entire Bachelor, we have a pro-active role in identifying opportunities to improve the Bachelor programme. Additionally, me and my colleagues ( Lydia Ketelaars Guus Middelbeek and Wyboud Stijns) coordinate the development of (practical) skills throughout the Bachelor programme (e.g. report writing, lab skills, peer feedback, oral presentations, etc.). In addition, we have a supporting role in the implementation of the new Bachelor curriculum, including the Biologists in Society (BIS) components. Apart from this, we are responsible for the Portfolio course, in which we guide our students in their study- and career planning process via specific assignments, allowing them to make well-considered choices on these subjects in the future.

Ancillary activities