M. Rubio MSc (Milagros)

PhD candidate - Orthopedagogics: Family and Behaviour

M. Rubio MSc (Milagros)

I am a PhD student working on the project: "Trajectories of heavy alcohol use during the transition to emerging adulthood: the role of cognitive, psychological, and social resilience mechanisms". I studied Psychology in Argentina and graduated with a master's degree in Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience (Spec. Neuropsychology) at Maastricht University, The Netherlands in 2019.

My PhD project aims to develop an integrative model of resilience to heavy drinking in emerging adulthood. This model will focus on two key resilience mechanisms (cognitive control and emotion regulation) and will consider as well the role of the social context and life events emerging adults experience. A great interest of mine is to contribute with further knowledge into cognitive functioning and how it relates to heavy drinking resilience in emerging adulthood.



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