L.F.L. van de Sande MSc (Luc)

PhD candidate - Organisational Design and Development

L.F.L. van de Sande MSc (Luc)
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Heyendaalseweg 141

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Postbus 9108

Luc van de Sande is a PhD Candidate in the NWO project "Living Labs Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Healthcare" (SSCMH) at the department of Business Administration, Radboud University. He received a master's degree in Supply Chain Management at Tilburg University.
The interdisciplinary SSCMH project aims to develop innovative last-mile logistics solutions in healthcare, which include both transportation of goods, people and the integration of additional care and wellbeing services.

His research focusses on the following topics:
- Determining how governance forms can aid in orchestrating and coordinating these networks
- How to fairly allocate costs and benefits in multi-stakeholder contexts
- How to scale up these activities in a setting where formal hierarchical structure is absent