E.A. Savinova (Elena) MA

PhD candidate - Centre for Language Studies
PhD candidate - Department of Language and Communication

E.A. Savinova (Elena) MA
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My research project is devoted to investigating subjectivity in online news stories. Increasingly, news is read online, both on news media websites and on social media platforms. In the context of increasing subjectivity of the news presented on social media, it is crucial to investigate how readers of varying literacy skills understand and evaluate such online news, and specifically the degreee of subjectivity in them. How do emerging news genres adapt to the logic and public of social media? How does the increasing subjectivity of news on social media influence reader’s online processing and offline evaluation of news stories? Is literacy level of news consumers related to their ability to effectively and efficiently process news from different sources? My project aims to address these issues in English media, using a combination of corpus research, online crowdsourcing experiments and eye-tracking.

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