Dr A.M. Schipper (Aafke)

Associate professor - Environmental Science

Dr A.M. Schipper (Aafke)
Visiting address

Heyendaalseweg 135
Internal postal code: 89

Postal address

Postbus 9010

Working days Wednesday morning, Thursday, Friday

My overarching research interest is in quantifying and understanding biodiversity responses to anthropogenic environmental change. In addition, I aim to apply this knowledge in integrated assessments for supporting environmental policy and biodiversity conservation. In my research, I employ and combine statistical and process-based modelling, thereby covering a variety of taxonomic groups (plants, invertebrates, vertebrates), anthropogenic pressures (climate, land use, chemical pollution) and spatial scales (from local to global). I believe that comparative as well as integrated approaches are helpful to shed more light on the context- and scale-dependency of biodiversity change.

Research group
Aafke Schipper studies responses of biodiversity and ecosystems to human changes in the environment. She develops models to determine how human activities influence plants and animals from local to global scales.