Prof. R.J.N. Schlössels (Raymond)

Professor - Administrative Law

Prof. R.J.N. Schlössels (Raymond)
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Montessorilaan 10

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Postbus 9049

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Professor Schlössels is an expert in the fields of general administrative law, the law of administrative procedure, the system of legal protection against the government and government liability law.

Some of the focal points of his research are fundamental administrative law concepts (decisions and interested parties), constitutional foundations of administrative law, decision-making, the integration of authorities, coordinating decision-making, the relationship between general administrative law and private administrative legislation, principles of sound administration, compensation in the case of lawful and unlawful government action, administrative review procedures, structural characteristics of administrative procedure law, principles of the proper administration of justice and the organization of administrative jurisdiction.


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