S.L. van Schuppen MA (Linde)

PhD candidate - Centre for Language Studies
PhD candidate - Department of Language and Communication
Teacher - Philosophy of Behavioural Sciences

S.L. van Schuppen MA (Linde)
Visiting address

Erasmusplein 1

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Postbus 9103

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

My research combines cognitive linguistics with the philosophy of mind and psychiatry. I am currently looking at the way in which different perspectives are represented in spoken or written stories, with a specific focus on the narratives of people with a schizophrenia diagnosis. I hope to learn more about epistemic isolation and the (inter)subjective experience of psychiatric patients by zooming in on the stories they tell. How are different perspectives represented and distinguished in these narratives? And what do they express with respect to the relation between the ‘self’ and the (social) environment?