Prof. C.H. Sieburgh (Carla)

Professor - Private Law

Prof. C.H. Sieburgh (Carla)
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Montessorilaan 10

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Professor Carla Sieburgh is an expert in civil law, in particular the influences of European Law on national private law. She focuses on contract law, tort law and law of damages. To find answers to concrete problems she looks for the principles of European law and civil law, using arguments from other areas of academia and law (mathematics, philosophy, criminal law and administrative law) and from foreign legal systems. Examples are her analysis on 'wrongful life' and 'wrongful birth', her inaugural lecture Tertium datur and her publication on supremacy and concurrence of European law and national private law. Professor Sieburgh is co-author to the four volumes on the Law of Obligations in the Asser Series and an active member of the Torts working group of the Common Core of European Private Law and of the Acquis Group, which focuses on 'Principles of the Existing European Community Contract Law'. She is a member of the Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences.


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