L.E. Siffels (Lotje) MA

PhD candidate - Interdisciplinary Hub for Digitalization and Society
Member - Representative Council Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies
PhD candidate - Philosophical ethics and political philosophy

L.E. Siffels (Lotje) MA
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Erasmusplein 1

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Lotje Siffels is a PhD candidate at the Department of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. Her PhD is part of the 'Digital Good'-project, which investigates the googlization of health. Consumer tech companies are increasingly getting involved in the health domain. There is a trend of new kinds of collaborations between these companies and health researchers or physicians using big data to work towards more personalized and efficient health care. This project aims to investigate the different conceptions of the common good that are at stake in these new partnerships and to provide a normative framework for these new collaborations.

Lotje studies philosophy and history at the University of Amsterdam and obtained her research master at Utrecht University. During and after her studies she worked at the Utrecht Data School as a junior researcher on digitization in Dutch local government.


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