Dr D. Smeijers (Danique)

Assistant professor - Behavioural Science Institute
Assistant professor - Orthopedagogics: Family and Behaviour

Dr D. Smeijers (Danique)
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Thomas van Aquinostraat 4

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Postbus 9104

Dr. Danique Smeijers is an assistant professor at the department of developmental psychopathology at the Radboud University and a senior researcher at the forensic psychiatric center Pompestichting. Danique’s ambition as a researcher is building bridges between science, technology and clinical practice to improve our understanding of psychopathology and to develop more effective interventions. Her main areas of expertise are aggressive behavior and social information processing (especially hostility biases). Her research focusses on 1) elucidating the underlying characteristics that contribute to the onset and maintenance of severe aggressive behavior; 2) the association between these characteristics and treatment responsivity; 3) treatment improvement by use of innovation (such as Virtual Reality); and 4) elucidating the underlying cognitive mechanism of hostility biases.

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