E.A.M. Smolders (Emy)

PhD candidate - Organisational Design and Development

E.A.M. Smolders (Emy)
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Heyendaalseweg 141

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Postbus 9108

I am concerned with the specific work design conditions required for networks to collaborate effectively during a crisis response in youth mental health. By this, I mean how operational and regulatory tasks are divided, assigned, and coordinated among healthcare professionals in the network. My research argues that improper work design in networks is a major reason for failed network collaboration in youth mental health. In the context of crisis response, network collaboration requires specific design conditions to ultimately contribute to more effective crisis response in youth care in the Netherlands.
The central argument is that work design in a crisis care network can positively impact crisis response. To this end, a theoretical model is proposed that links the conditions of work design to effective network collaboration in a crisis context

I like to stay in contact with various stakeholders and try to paint the best possible picture of youth care (from the view of the Engaged Scholarship). This allows me to understand all processes; from the macro level to the micro level. It gives me insights, allowing me to conduct research that has value for science and those involved in the sector.



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