Prof. C.H.B.M. Spierings (Niels)

Professor - Radboud Social Cultural Research
Professor - Sociology

Prof. C.H.B.M. Spierings (Niels)

Prof. dr. Niels Spierings studies issues of inclusion and exclusion, particularly with respect to politics, civil society and the labour market. Geographically his focus is on the Netherlands, Western Europe and the Middle East and North Africa. In his work, statistics and survey research are combined with case studies, interviews and big data analysis. In his current work some important themes are:
# Islam
# populism
# gender & sexuality
# migratie
# elections & democracy
# social media
# political trust & participation
He hopes his research contributes to more accurate knowledge and understanding of whether people want, can and are allowed to participate, and how the facilitate inclusion.

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Niels Spierings is a sociologist of inclusion and exclusion. He studies the role of Islam in politics and the empowerment of women and LGBTQA+ people, the representation of minorities and women in politics and society, and populism in social media and politics. On these topics, he also feeds public discussion and provides policy advice.