Dr W.J.P. Stommel (Wyke)

Associate professor - Centre for Language Studies
Associate professor - Interdisciplinary Hub for Digitalization and Society
Associate professor - Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Dr W.J.P. Stommel (Wyke)
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Erasmusplein 1

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Postbus 9103

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning, Thursday, Friday

My research concerns spoken and mediated communication in institutional environments. Varying from video consultations in the medical domain to instant messaging for counseling and interaction with robots: on the basis of the methods of conversation analysis I study how people achieve goals, construct identities and build relationships step by step verbally and non-verbally in their communication. I frequently work in interdisciplinary teams, also in direct collaboration with professionals (Trimbos Institute, RadboudUMC, Korrelatie). Thus, the research directly contributes to/ provides new insights in their work.

Currently, I supervise three PhD-students:
- Evi Dalmaijer (digitalisation of (para)medical interaction and practice)
- Mieke Breukelman (uncertainty in trans and intersex care)
- Lynn de Rijk (non verbal communication with robots)

Past PhD supervision:
- Ilona Plug (a linguistic view on gender in medical interaction)
- Inge Stortenbeker (language use in clinical interactions about medically unexplained symptoms)
- Guusje Jol (police interviews with children)

Furthermore, I work on methodological aspects of research, such as the ethics of research on digital data. In 2013, I co-initiated the Microanalysis Of Online Data (MOOD) network.

Finally, I am affiliate of Radboud iHub for Digitalisation and Society, member of Radboud interfaculty research platform Diversity in Sex and Gender, trainer at the Centre for Dialogue (centrumvoordialoog.nl) and an official CARM affiliate (www.carmtraining.org).


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