Prof. H.G. Stunnenberg (Henk)

Professor - Molecular Biology

Prof. H.G. Stunnenberg (Henk)
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Geert Grooteplein Zuid 28
Internal postal code: route 274

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Internal address: M850/3.79 Postbus 9101

Professor Henk Stunnenberg's research group plays an important part in international malaria research. In 2002, with the aid of an advanced mass spectrometer at the University of Odense, this group discovered approximately 1300 unique proteins in the genetic material of the malaria parasite. This parasite has a highly complex life cycle. To combat the disease, a detailed understanding is needed of the mechanisms and factors involved in regulating this cycle. Out of all the proteins that were discovered, 189 were selected that might play a crucial role in the infection process. Further selection is expected to produce 5 to 10 potential candidates for a vaccine. Henk Stunnenberg closely collaborates with Professor Robert Sauerwein's group at the Centre for Clinical Malaria Studies (CCMS), a European research facility for malaria vaccine testing.


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