Prof. C.G.J. Sweep (Fred)

Professor - Faculty of Medical Sciences (Radboudumc)

Prof. C.G.J. Sweep (Fred)
Visiting address

Geert Grooteplein Zuid 8
6525 GA Nijmegen
Internal postal code: 469

Members of the media are kindly requested to contact the press office of Radboud university medical center, tel. + 31 (024) 361 89 10.

Professor Sweep is a chemical endocrinologist. His area of expertise deals with the measurement of hormones and tumour markers in bodily fluids and excreta. The Department of Chemical Endocrinology at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre has gained a prominent international position as a centre of expertise for biomarker measurement in endocrine oncology. Specific areas of expertise are disturbances in the synthesis and secretion of steroid hormones and thyroid hormones, the determination of free non-protein- tied hormones in the blood and of hormones in urine and saliva. These research projects are embedded in the Top Centre for Genetic and Metabolic Disorders (TGM). The Department is a national reference point for the diagnosis and monitoring of mola pregnancies (miscarriages due to embryo malformation) and persisting trophoblast tumours (the outer cell layer of an embryo in which nutrients are exchanged). The department also studies endocrine disorders and investigates the significance of prognostic and predictive factors in endocrine tumours.


Ancillary activities