Dr T.H. Tempels (Tjidde)

Teacher - Empirical Political Science
Program writer - Radboud Reflects

Dr T.H. Tempels (Tjidde)
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Erasmusplein 1

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Postbus 9103

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Tjidde Tempels works as lecturer Political Theory at the department of Political Science and as program manager for Radboud Reflects. In 2019 he completed his PhD project on corporate responsibility in the food and beverage industry. He was a lecturer in medical humanities at University Medical Centre Utrecht (2013-2014) and taught business ethics, philosophy of innovation, and ethics and biology at Wageningen University (2014-2018).

His main research interests are theories of deliberative democracy, applied ethics, corporate social responsibility, business ethics and international governance. As researcher at the intersection of political philosophy and business ethics he investigates the responsibilities of firms for local, national and global problems. Inspired by the works of political philosophers such as Iris Marion Young and David Miller, he aims to expand the notion of corporate responsibility for global injustices, such as child labour and health inequities.

Research theme
  • Theories of Democracy, Business Ethics, Political Corporate Social Responsibility, Applied Ethics
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