Prof. A.B. Terlouw (Ashley)

Professor - Sociology of Law and Migration Law

Prof. A.B. Terlouw (Ashley)
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Ashley Terlouw is professor of Sociology of Law at the Radboud University (Nijmegen). She is chair of the departments of sociology of law and migration law and responsible for the Centre for Migration Law. Since May 2020 she is chair of the research center for State and Law (SteR). She has worked a.o. at the Office of the District Court of The Hague (Aliens Chamber) and as head of the refugee department of Amnesty International Nederland. In 2003 she got a doctoral degree awarded by Radboud University. Her disseratation was about the cooperation between judges in alien affaires in terms of the sociology of law. From 2004-2008 she has been a member of the Dutch "Committee on Equal Treatment". From 2011-2016 she has been a deputy judge at the District Court of Gelderland (migration chamber).
She has published in the area of Equal Treatment, the Administration of Justice and Migration Law. Her current research is in the area of discrimination on racial, nationality and religious ground. She is particularly interested in conflicts of norms, discretion and civil and administrative disobedience. She supervises research on the role of experts in asylym procedures, how migration law judges deal with the principle of the best interest of the child and human rights defenders and externalisation of EU migration law.


Ancillary activities

Ashley Terlouw conducts judicial and legal sociological research into discrimination, especially discrimination that is based on race, nationality and religion. She also focuses on asylum law, jurisprudence and conflict resolution institutions such as the judiciary.