Prof. J.B. Terpstra (Jan)

Professor emeritus - Criminal Law and Criminology
Professor emeritus - Criminal Law and Criminology

Prof. J.B. Terpstra (Jan)
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Jan Terpstra is emeritus professor of criminology at the Radboud University. Most of his research and publications deal with policing, public security, with the policy and governance of public safety and with criminal justice. Among the topics that he has been studying are the organization of police work, police systems, police cultures, community policing (especially the work of community police officers), cooperation and coordination of local security networks, criminal investigation and prosecution, and private security. He is also interested in the dynamics of street-level work of police officers and other front line officers working in the security sector. Other topics that he is interested in are the innovations and reform of policing, police services, criminal justice agencies, and other organizations in this field. Over the past years he has also been involved in international comparative studies on policing and security. In addition to detailed empirical studies, he is also interested in theoretical issues with regard to policing, security and criminal justice.


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