Prof. P. Tessarz (Peter)

Professor - Human Biology

Prof. P. Tessarz (Peter)
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Geert Grooteplein Zuid 28
Internal postal code: route 274

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Internal address: M850/3.79 Postbus 9101

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

The research interests of my group are aimed towards a molecular understanding of how chromatin dynamics impact transcriptional processes and subsequent cell-fate decisions in the context of ageing, cellular stress and disease. In particular, we would like to understand how chromatin senses and links alterations in energy metabolism or cellular (micro)environment to changes in cellular states and how heterogeneity might contribute to these processes and tissue homeostasis. To address these questions we use biochemical, molecular and cell-biological as well as deep-sequencing approaches in mice, (primary stem) cell cultures and organoids. A long-term goal of our research is to identify pathways within the metabolism-epigenetics axis that can be exploited for interventions to positively impact disease outcome and/or ageing and to extend human health-span.

Research theme
  • Chromatin, Metabolism in Ageing and Disease
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  • Tessarz



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