Prof. J.M.M.H. Thijssen (Hans)

Professor - History of Philosophy

Prof. J.M.M.H. Thijssen (Hans)
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Hans Thijssen seeks to open new perspectives from philosophy on the “big questions” that are inherent in the human predicament, and to help people living a meaningful and happy life. In recent years he has begun to examine what we mean when we talk about happiness and what we can learn from the wisdom traditions for a flourishing life. Buddhist philosophy is a fruitful complement to the western tradition, in particular in grappling with issues such as the connection between personal well-being, that of others, and the sustainability of nature. In 2016, he founded the Radboud Platform for Happiness that joins together professors from different disciplines in studying and teaching well-being (

In his talks and essays about the wisdom traditions in East and West, he tries to inspire a wider audience to a happy life, and, thus, contribute to a healthier society. His latest book is: Wat filosofen weten. Over het verlangen naar geluk en de honger naar kennis (reprinted, 2017).

Hans Thijssen received his academic formation at Radboud University, the Université Catholique de Louvain, Harvard University and UC Santa Barbara. He is the recipient of many generous research grants from several scientific organizations. In 1996 he founded the scientific journal Early Science and Medicine (Brill Publishers) and in 1997 the Center for the History of Philosophy and Science.

From 2004-2016, he served as Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, and from 2013-2016, he was Chair of the National Council for Philosophy.

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  • Center for the History of Philosophy and Science


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