R.L. Tóth MSc (Rozalia)

Junior researcher - Behavioural Science Institute
Junior researcher - Philosophy of Behavioural Sciences

R.L. Tóth MSc (Rozalia)
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Thomas van Aquinostraat 4

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Postbus 9104

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Research Project: The Future of Academia

The research focuses on discovering new values, organizational and teaching practices that help to build a resilient and regenerative society. My aim is to co-create a shared vision of the future of academia at Radboud and at large. For this I set up projects that help to build bridges between, disciplines, top-down and bottom-up institutional forces and Radboud University and society.
The research starts with running the honorslab RE:PLACE - Transforming urban ecosystems in Nijmegen from February-June 2021. Together with local partners, participants will be working on group projects that transform Nijmegen towards a more sustainable and regenerative city. Student from all disciplines will have the opportunity to both bring what they know and learn from societal partners. Therefore, the action research is focused on place based and experiential learning and teaching practices and serves as an experimental ground for further research.

Expertise: educational innovation, educational research, participatory action research, Design Thinking, theory U, climate adaptation, Eco-philosophy, International Relations

Special interest in: Place based learning, experiential learning, self-directed learning, care based learning, arts based methods, scenario building, 3D modeling


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