Dr S. Unsworth (Sharon)

Associate professor - Centre for Language Studies
Associate professor - Department of Modern Languages and Cultures
Associate professor - Department of Language and Communication

Dr S. Unsworth (Sharon)
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Sharon Unsworth is a linguist at the Centre for Language Studies. Originally from the UK, she moved to the Netherlands over 20 years ago to do her PhD (Utrecht) and his worked at Radboud since 2014. Her research focuses on figuring out which factors contribute to making bilingual language development a success, and she is passionate about all things multilingual! Her research has been funded by national and international funding agencies. Recent studies include topics such as how a bilingual child’s two languages influence each other, the role of older siblings, and the impact of hearing non-native input. Together with colleagues in the UK and France, she as recently developed a tool for researchers and professionals to quantify bilingual experience. She is involved in various initiatives designed to make scientific insights more accessible to parents, teachers and policy makers: the “Kletskoppen” child language festival (www.kletskoppenfestival.nl), “Bilingualism in the picture” animations for children and their parents (bit.ly/meertaligheidinbeeld), and the “Kletsheads” podcast, now available in both English (www.kletsheadspodcast.org) and Dutch (www.kletsheadspodcast.nl). Sharon appears regularly in national media promoting the interests of bilingual children and their families.

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Sharon Unsworth researches the way in which multilingual children simultaneously learn multiple languages. Which corresponding factors may be deemed a success? This knowledge is shared with parents, teachers and policy makers so that it can subsequently be applied and implemented.