Prof. G.J.C. Veenstra (Gert Jan)

Professor - Molecular Developmental Biology
Director - Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, FNWI-deel

Prof. G.J.C. Veenstra (Gert Jan)
Visiting address

Geert Grooteplein Zuid 28
Internal postal code: route 274

Postal address

Internal address: M850/3.79 Postbus 9010

The spectacular development of a single cell into a complex, multicellular organism is one of the most fascinating topics in biology. Essential for pluripotency and development is the cells' state of chromatin, how genes are marked for activation or repression by epigenetic mechanisms and the embryonic gene regulatory network. The research of the Veenstra group aims to elucidate molecular mechanisms of gene regulation during embryonic and heart development. Using human and mouse stem cells and amphibian embryos as a model systems, in combination with next generation sequencing and comparative approaches, we study how cells use their genetic and epigenetic information in the context of their development and differentiation potential. The studies contribute to our understanding of normal and abnormal development, pluripotency and differentiation, and is relevant for cardiovascular disease modeling and for the use of stem cells in regenerative medicine.