E.M. Verheijen (Eline) MSc

PhD candidate - Public Administration

E.M. Verheijen (Eline) MSc
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Heyendaalseweg 141

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Postbus 9108

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Eline Verheijen is working as a PhD Candidate at the department of Public Administration since 2022. She is involved in the RUN-study. The RUN-study focuses on reflexive regulation in health care using narrative methods. ecent failures in listening to and helping citizens in a vulnerable position (think of the child benefits scandal) have shown the complexity as well as necessity for governmental agencies to develop more responsive and reflexive social policies and services. This especially goes for regulatory agencies (e.g., the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate or the Justice and Security Inspectorate) that are responsible for ensuring the quality and safety of public services. To enable such a reflexive turn, citizen-users should become the touchstone of regulatory policies. The aim of the RUN-study is to develop reflexive regulatory arrangements, using narrative methods, putting service users center stage and enhancing accountability and dialogue.

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