F.M.H.G. Vissers MSc (Fleur)

PhD candidate - Centre for Language Studies
PhD candidate - Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

F.M.H.G. Vissers MSc (Fleur)
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Erasmusplein 1

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Postbus 9103

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Fleur is interested in child development and has a specific interest in language development. She focuses on children’s phonological representations and the link between speech perception and production. Young children often do not produce all words completely correct (they say ‘tuk’ instead of ‘truck’) or they leave out determiners (‘I pet doggy’ instead of ‘I pet the doggy’). Fleur researches how these production patterns are related to children’s speech perception.

Fleur obtained a bachelor Pedagogical Sciences and a research master Developmental Psychology at Utrecht University. After her master she worked as an honorary researcher at Macquarie University in Sydney where she studied the perception of determiners by (hard-of-hearing) children. After her stay in Australia she worked as a teacher at Tilburg University, as a researcher at the University of Potsdam and as a researcher at Kentalis. In 2023 she started her PhD at Radboud University.

In her research Fleur finds it important to design experiments in such a way that they are attractive for children and that they resemble situations the children encounter on a daily basis while still generating the relevant information to answer the research questions. Additionally, she highly values collaborations with other researchers and discussions about research with others, for example during seminars and conferences.