Prof. G. Vriend (Gert)

Professor - Faculty of Medical Sciences (Radboudumc)

Prof. G. Vriend (Gert)
Visiting address

Geert Grooteplein 26
6525 GA Nijmegen
Internal postal code: 260

Professor Gert Vriend is an expert in bioinformatics, that is, the development and application of advanced computer programs for the management and analysis of biomolecular information.

In a short span of time, bioinformatics has grown into an essential discipline for biologists, chemists, and doctors. Owing to bioinformatics, huge quantities of data can be interlinked. Vriend himself developed the WHAT-IF program for analysing protein structures.

Gert Vriend built a strong research group in Nijmegen: the Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics (CMBI), which played an important part in the development of bioinformatics curricula. The CMBI participates in BioRange, the national bioinformatics research programme, and in a BioTune, the national bioinformatics education platform.



Ancillary activities