I.E.J. de Vries (Ingmar) PhD

Postdoc - Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging
Postdoc - Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour

I.E.J. de Vries (Ingmar) PhD
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How does our brain process and predict the dynamics of the world? I study predictive processing of naturalistic dynamic stimuli (e.g., videos of action sequences) in healthy human subjects. For this I recently developed a new dynamic extension to representational similarity analysis (RSA) for M/EEG data. I currently perform this research in the Predictive Brain Lab (PBL), funded by Floris de Lange's ERC project 'Surprise'. As of January 1st 2023 I will continue this research under my own Marie Curie funding entitled 'PredictiveBrain', still in the PBL.

The three years before starting in the PBL I was a postdoc at CIMeC in Rovereto, University of Trento (Italy), with which I am still collaborating closely. I did my PhD, MSc and BSc at the VU in Amsterdam, working amongst other things on oscillatory (EEG) correlates of visual attention and working memory.

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