Dr A. Walraven (Amber)

Assistant professor - Radboud Teachers Academy

Dr A. Walraven (Amber)
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Erasmusplein 1

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Postbus 9103

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

I am an assistant professor at the Radboud Teachers Academy. In addition to training teachers, I conduct research into adaptive expertise and teacher professionalization. My research and teaching aims to increase the number of well-equipped teachers, to retain teachers in their profession by supporting continuous professional development and to cultivate the innovative potential of beginning and experienced teachers in school ecologies.

I am currently devoting all my research time to Expeditie Lerarenagenda. The app Teacher Tapp NL is part of that project.

Expeditie Lerarenagenda studies a future-proof or sustainable teaching profession. In order for the teaching profession to be future-proof, this system must relate to internal and external influences on education, such as social developments or changing views, with the aim of preserving and evolving education. In making the system future-proof, adaptive capacity plays an important role, in addition to other characteristics of individuals and organisations.

The app Teacher Tapp aims to get teachers heard, connected and informed by asking 3 questions a day. By asking the questions we gain insight into the workplace, teachers learn from each other's circumstances and we bridge the gap between research and practice. Not talking about teachers, but with teachers.

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