Prof. B. Wicke (Birka)

Professor - Environmental Science

Prof. B. Wicke (Birka)
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Heyendaalseweg 135
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My main research goal is to identify and evaluate sustainable pathways for agriculture and the biobased economy, with focus on land use and land use change, and their role in climate change mitigation. My research approach is rooted in environmental science. However, the complexity of sustainability challenges related to land use require going beyond applied natural science and technical solutions. Understanding and incorporating social sciences through e.g. governance and accountability research is also needed. My research therefore draws increasingly on methods and tools from various applied natural science and social science fields, including land change science, industrial ecology, agriculture, economics and political science.
My three main lines of research relate to i) biobased economy and its environmental and socio-economic impacts, ii) agricultural land use emissions and the shared responsibility for mitigating them, and iii) sustainability synergies and trade-offs around land use.

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