Dr M.A. Wiering (Mark)

Associate professor - Environment

Dr M.A. Wiering (Mark)
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Dr. Mark A. Wiering is an Associate Professor of the chair group Environmental Governance and Politics at Radboud University Nijmegen. He conducts research on social and policy transformations on the way to a sustainable society. What is social and political change like? What can we learn from other countries or other regions on the road to a more sustainable economy and society? Mark is an experienced and versatile researcher in the fields of environmental policy, water management and renewable energy. He is the co-designer and coordinator of the revamped Master's program in Environment and Society Studies in Nijmegen.
How and why are policies on water, energy or agriculture and environment changing? Why is it stable for a long time, but can also suddenly change? When does new (environmental) information also lead to new (policy) steps? Mark's research focuses on the Netherlands as well as on comparison with other countries, mostly in Europe. He is particularly interested in bringing about the processes of transformations towards a sustainable society. What can we learn from the energy transitions in Germany and Denmark? How can we make our economy circular? How are cities being made sustainable? How is climate change being addressed in other countries?



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