Dr D. Wiese (Dorothee)

Assistant professor - Department of Modern Languages and Cultures
Assistant professor - Radboud Institute for Culture and History

Dr D. Wiese (Dorothee)
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Doro Wiese, PhD, is an assistant professor at the department of languages and cultures, Radboud University Nijmegen. Facilitated by various grants such as a Marie Skłodowska Curie scholarship and a WIRL COFUND grant of the European Union, she was trained in literary studies, film studies, and cultural studies at the University of Hamburg, Utrecht University, and the University of Warwick. She holds a PhD cum laude from Utrecht University.

In her multifaceted research, Doro Wiese investigates how aesthetics is a manner of drawing people into an effective relation with the lacunae of knowledges and histories. In The Powers of the False (Northwestern UP 2014), she explores how literature can help to represent histories that would otherwise remain ineffable. Faust (Textem 2018) examines how and to what effect different media affect the human body. In her current project, titled Side by Side: Reading Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Literature, she asks which epistemological, formal, and thematic distinctions and connections are present in post-war fiction on Native North America on both sides of the Atlantic. This study helps to develop cross-cultural and cross-epistemological research fields in literary, historical, and cultural studies, and touches upon research fields like the Environmental Humanities or political economy. Doro Wiese evinces a strong commitment to the study of colonialism, epistemic injustices, transcultural epistemology, the relationship between literature and historiography, or nature and culture. She is inspired by insights formulated in Indigenous Studies.


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