H. Yohannes (Habtom) MA

PhD candidate - Comparative religious studies

H. Yohannes (Habtom) MA
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After graduating from the school of journalism, I have been working as a journalist for written press, radio and television of the Dutch public broadcasting organization; mainly IKON, NCRV/KRO and EO in various functions for almost 30 years. I have contributed to various international media. My specialization have been international relations/international political economy, governance, state & religion, democracy, human rights, the Horn of Africa.

Later I studied development studies with major in “policy, governance and international political economy” at Erasmus University / International Institute of Social Studies. I was secretary of the Dutch-Eritrean committee that worked together with the Eritrean Constitutional Commission that drafted the first Eritrean Constitution of independent Eritrea. I organized workshops and gave lectures on constitution and the various aspects of freedoms. The constitution was ratified in 1997 but never implemented because of the “border war” that killed more than 100.000 Ethiopians and Eritreans, wounded many more and displaced millions. In 1998 I took a leave and wrote “Call for Peace” that was signed by more than 30 Nobel Prize laureates and world leaders. Both the then Ethiopian leader PM Meles Zenawi and the Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki responded positively and the letter was published in The International Herald Tribune of December 17, 1998, the day that both leaders met in Ouagadougou under the auspices of the African Union (then OAU).
I have taught at the Schools of Journalism in Utrecht ‘research methods’ to international students I also have been guest lecturer in journalism, international relations, conflict management at various universities.

Besides I am a national examiner for official interpreters. I master Tigrinya, Amharic, English and Dutch with passive in Arabic and Geeze.



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