Dr H. Zhou (Jo Huiqing)

Associate professor - Molecular Developmental Biology
Acting head of the department - Molecular Developmental Biology
Chair - Gender and Diversity committee

Dr H. Zhou (Jo Huiqing)
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Geert Grooteplein Zuid 28
Internal postal code: route 274

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Internal address: M850/3.79 Postbus 9101

Research interest:
My research is focused on elucidating the fundamental mechanisms underlying stem cell fate determination, proliferation and differentiation, which are pivotal to human development and diseases pathology. Leveraging systems biology methodologies, including (single-cell) multi-omics and computational integrative analyses, my team investigates gene regulation in human stem cells and derived organotypic models, in both healthy and diseased states. Through these studies, we uncover fundamental insights into the regulatory circuitry and mechanisms in stem cells, and offer powerful and effective tools for tissue regeneration and therapeutic intervention.

(single-cell) multi-omics, data integration, human stem cell and derived organotypic models (e.g., human induced pluripotent stem cells, primary keratinocytes, and limbal stem cells), cell differentiation and cellular reprogramming

Research group:
Felicitas Pardow, PhD student
Luca Meesters, PhD students
Julian Arts, PhD student
Dulce Lima Cunha, postdoctoral fellow
Yavuz Kilic, research technician

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