E.A.R. Zuiderveen (Emma) MSc

PhD candidate - Environmental Science

E.A.R. Zuiderveen (Emma) MSc
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Heyendaalseweg 135
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Postbus 9010

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

PhD candidate for environmental footprints of new bio-based products.

The Department of Environmental Science at Radboud University in collaboration with the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.

This project will focus on life cycle assessment (LCA) methods for the bio-based economy.

Improved LCA methods are needed to better understand and predict the changes in environmental impacts and benefits associated with new bio-based products. One critical aspect is related to the modelling of environmental impacts associated with innovation at a relatively low level of technology readiness, and for which extrapolations are needed, e.g. from the laboratory to the industrial scale application. Potential case studies are built around bio-based plastics, e.g. from organic waste streams. In this context, the development of proxy processes or scale-up factors to reflect the changes in resource and energy efficiency as well as the emission profile when going from smaller to larger production volumes could be a core aspect. Moreover, due to the nature of the biotic resources needed for the production of bio-based materials, dynamic carbon modelling approaches can be developed for a better assessment of the environmental implications of innovations.


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