Persoonlijk Leiderschap
Persoonlijk Leiderschap

Personal leadership

As an employee at Radboud University, you are given your own space within which to develop your qualities.

Persoonlijk Leiderschap

What is personal leadership?

You take your own initiatives and decisions. Together with your manager and your team you discuss the possibilities and limits. This makes you responsible and accountable for how you do your work.

To do this well, you will from time to time have to learn new skills or acquire knowledge. So that you remain vital, make optimal use of your talents and are broadly employable.


Foto Ray en Dai

What mental strength can do for you

College tour on resilience and resilience with Ray and Dai from TV show 'Kamp van Koningsbrugge.

To me, taking the lead means taking your role seriously.
José Sanders
José Sanders Read José's story
Through personal leadership, I became aware of my own strengths again.
Astrid van Noort
Astrid van Noort Read Astrid's story
By continuing to develop, I make the work more enjoyable for myself.
Bjorn Teeuwen
Bjorn Teeuwen Read Bjorn's story
For me, personal leadership is not waiting, but experiencing by doing.
Katja Laumans
Katja Laumans-Bakers Read Katja's story

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