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A Community of Practice as a connecting factor

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Reason behind this project

The possibilities for contact and collaboration between students have been limited by the recent Covid-19 pandemic. This makes it more difficult for students to feel connected to fellow students, the study programme and the university. Can working in a Community of Practice create more connection and positively stimulate motivation?

From her own experiences as a researcher, Yvonne knows that working in a Community of Practice (CoP) can increase a sense of community and belonging. Students participate in the CoP by analysing the most recent developments in the research field, thinking about them together and discussing them with each other.

Yvonne wants to investigate whether such a community can be incorporated into the curriculum of the Master Business Administration. She will also look at the effects of community participation in terms of engagement, motivation and effective studying.

In the video below, Yvonne explains the power of a Community of Practice and how it can contribute to connectedness in the learning and workplace.

Interview Yvonne

Approach within the project

In this project, the CoP consists of an international team of globally recognized researchers in the field of workplace commitment. Master's students of the Business Administration program also participate. It is expected that by participating in the CoP, the student will feel more in touch with academic research practice.

In research into the added value of using Communities of Practice collaboration is also encouraged. For example, there is collaboration between the applicant, a student assistant and various stakeholders within the programme.

The voucher project will take the shape of a pilot study. This makes it a first step towards further research in master's education. The advice of external consultants, the evaluation of the CoP edition and the insights obtained will form the basis for further educational improvements in Business Administration master's education.

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